Friday, 27 June 2014

MiniToons by Jonathan

During his downtime from his job at Admen one of our Graphic Designers, Jonathan, is very keen on video games, movies and long-running US TV shows. He also likes to keep working on his own portfolio of illustrative and graphic work, continually developing his skills in many different software packages.

Recently he's been working on a series of character-based graphics from popular TV shows and movies. The quirky MiniToons originally began life as 3D paper models of his work colleagues, which he then developed into chunky mini-character illustrations - you may have seen the Admen Team portrayed like this on our website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Initially, he draws up the characters in Illustrator and then transfers the line-work to Photoshop for colouring, finishing, lighting and background effects. He's developed characters from Breaking Bad, Batman, Pulp Fiction, and Walking Dead to name but a few, and also has works-in-progress for Iron Man and many more. We've attached a few examples, some of which you should be able to download and use as fun wallpaper for your Mac or PC.

Jonathan said: "It's great working on something different like this, as it gives me an even greater understanding of the programmes that I use at work. This is good for me and also benefits all of Admen's clients".

Keep checking the blog for more extracurricular stuff from the 'A' team.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Admen Step up to the Mark for New Foot Clinic

It’s important for new businesses to get the right advice. Finding a good accountant and a helpful bank is a good start, but it’s equally important to get the brand image right from the beginning.

Earl Shilton Foot Clinic is a new Chiropody and Podiatry clinic, set up by Jane Dwyer, BSc (Hons) MChs, who asked Admen for branding and corporate image guidance.

Admen approached the project from the angle that having foot treatment is very personal so trust had to be built into the brand, but it also had to be professional looking and have a ‘clinical’ quality.

The foot logo uses curves to create a calming feeling and the use of the aquamarine colour evokes images of clean medical environments.

The publicity material has a personal touch, with the website having friendly imagery and a page that introduces Jane personally to ensure potential clients are made to feel at ease even before they enter the clinic. The website was also kept simple and straight-forward, with clear opening times and contact information enabling quick and easy access to relevant information.

Jane said: “The team at Admen were fantastic, we were starting up our first ever business and were not really sure where to start. They simplified everything, and came up with some great design ideas. We are really pleased with the final result, and they made everything hassle free. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else”

Work undertaken included branding, stationery, publicity flyers, website and shop signage.

Thursday, 25 July 2013


For the second year running Admen have been added to the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR). The register aims to take the uncertainty out of choosing the right agency for a project by allowing clients to find information about agency services and personnel, knowing that they have been already recommended by existing clients.

Admen Director, Steve Bourne said: "Most of the business we have had, over the thirty-two years we've been trading, has come through recommendation. There is nothing like a prospective client knowing that they are making a choice based upon how Admen have performed for other clients."

RAR gathers information from companies across the spectrum of marketing services, with details of key clients, resources and key staff, sector experience, case histories and company finances all captured. They also measure a company's level of customer satisfaction, asking clients to rate their suppliers in two ways:  First, they ask them to give a score out of 100 for each service they have bought from the agency.  Second, they ask them give a score out of 100 for seven key criteria:

Client service
Strategic thinking
Value for money
On Time
On Budget

Suppliers must have a minimum of three high ratings before being recommended and RAR also welcome comments on service levels, key individuals and any specific work of note. All input is confidential and comments are never attributed. The ratings for these criteria are combined and given an overall score. The individual ratings act as an independent measure of agency performance.

Only companies who score above a prescribed threshold become recommended and are included in the register. The results provide a unique insight into the experiences of other clients with particular suppliers.

Director, Dave Topliss added: "We're proud have been recommended again, and we thank all of our clients that have rated us back on to the register".